New BMW i7: electric 7 Series spotted for the first time

BMW is gearing up to launch its answer to the   upcoming   Jaguar XJ   and Mercedes-Benz EQS   electric luxury saloons, as   the all-new i7 has been spotted testing for the first time.

To be sold alongside petrol, diesel and hybrid versions of the next-generation 7 Series from 2022, the i7 will sit atop BMW’s flexible CLAR platform and... ( подробнее )

New Volkswagen ID 3: first examples of EV hit British shores

Volkswagen\'s pivotal EV, the ID 3, has finally reached British shores as the first customer examples roll off the ship at Grimsby port.  

Earmarked for customers that pre-booked First Edition examples earlier this year, the fully-loaded models will be delivered over the next month. Volkswagen claims that the entire production and delivery... ( подробнее )

Driving the secret cars of Toyota's heritage collection

Cast your mind back, if you’re able, to the year 1994. May, to be precise. Manchester United have smashed Chelsea 4-0 in the FA Cup final, the Channel Tunnel has opened to great international fanfare and, of importance to car fans worldwide, Toyota has launched one of its boldest models in living memory: the RAV4.

A curvy, quirky 4x4 designed... ( подробнее )

2022 BMW M3 Touring: New images show off hot estate

As BMW gears up to expand its line-up of M performance cars with the first ever M3 Touring, our snappers have caught a development mule up close, giving us our best look yet at the performance estate.

The test car is wearing a full camouflage wrap, but we can see that it will bear a strong resemblance to the standard 3 Series Touring -... ( подробнее )

The car industry's biggest flash-in-the-pan moments

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Motorists tend to be a fickle bunch.

Models, body styles, features and technologies sometimes go out of style as quickly as they rise to prominence and ideas that seemed absolutely brilliant when they were introduced can end up looking dated in a few short... ( подробнее )

Most extravagant optional extras you can buy

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When we set out to document the most extravagant options that you can choose for your new car, we expected it to be a straightforward exercise.

We would get price lists for the various luxury and high-performance cars and trawl through them. Reckoning... ( подробнее )

Used car buying guide: BMW Z4 (2009-2016)

Retractable hardtops have largely gone out of fashion with sports car manufacturers, the reason being that the weight penalty of such a complex mechanism is not conducive to engaging dynamics.

That’s a shame, really, because such an option allows you to switch at will between coup? and cabriolet yet suffer none of the noise or fragility... ( подробнее )

Kia Stinger 2020 facelift: more details of revised flagship released

Kia   has released further details of its updated Stinger prior to UK-specific specifications and an on-sale date being announced.

The sports saloon will now have just one powertrain, retaining the twin-turbocharged 3.3-litre petrol V6 used in   the Stinger GT S. The 2.0-litre turbo petrol and 2.2-litre diesel engines of the current Stinger... ( подробнее )

2021 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS mule reveals new details

Porsche   is again testing what appears to be a   hardcore \'RS\' version of its   latest   718 Cayman GT4, with the latest mule spotted in minimal camouflage at the N?rburgring.

As we previously saw, the testing prototype   sports notable bodywork additions. At the front, there   are versions of the Naca   bonnet air ducts similar to... ( подробнее )

Audi A5 Coupe 40 TFSI 2020 UK review

What is it?

The second-generation of Audi’s executive coup? has been given a facelift for 2020, although you might be hard-pressed to tell at a quick glance. The Ingolstadt firm’s exterior designers have been sparing in their efforts, with only the likes of a slightly restyled grille differentiating the updated version from its predecessor.

Given... ( подробнее )