New Rolls-Royce Ghost to gain bespoke illuminated fascia

Rolls-Royce has continued the build-up to the unveiling   of the new Ghost by revealing the first feature for the car that will be offered by its Bespoke arm:   an illuminated dashboard fascia.

The new fascia element for the luxury saloon has been developed by the British firm\'s personalisation arm as part of the brand\'s shift to a \'post-opulent\'... ( подробнее )

F1 2020: four new races added to calendar

Four more grands prix have been added to the disrupted 2020 Formula 1   calendar, taking the season total to 17 races.

The sport will return to Istanbul Park in Turkey – a challenging, fast circuit popular with fans and drivers –   for the first time since 2011, when it dropped off the calendar after seven years due to   financial reasons.

Two... ( подробнее )

Government details ?27.4 billion investment in strategic roads

The government has announced more details on its plans to improve major roads in England as part of a   ?27.4 billion investment.

First detailed in March, the largest chunk of the investment - ?14bn - will be used to upgrade the country’s motorways and A-roads, with a view to improving their quality, capacity and safety.

Flagship... ( подробнее )

Mitsubishi's evolution: Working for the Japanese brand in the UK

It’s 1986 and I’m in a light aeroplane that’s attempting a night landing in strong winds at Staverton airport in Gloucestershire. My fellow passengers are four colleagues: Peter Beaumont, managing director of Colt Car Company, which began importing Mitsubishi cars to the UK in 1974, and three of his directors.

We’ve flown back from Edinburgh,... ( подробнее )

Inside the industry: Why popularity is a problem for big-selling SUVs

Proving the old adage that trouble can come from anywhere, the latest CO2 emissions data for Europe highlights that one of the many headwinds is blowing from the direction of one of the most popular and most profitable areas of the car-making business.

For many years, SUVs have been the panacea for under-pressure companies, a few inches... ( подробнее )

Historic Delage brand revived for 1085bhp hybrid hypercar

Historic French marque Delage is going after the road car lap record at the N?rburgring with the 1085bhp D12 hybrid hypercar, its first model in more than 65 years.

Founded in 1905, Delage began as a race car company, winning titles including the 1924 European Grand Prix in Lyon with its 2 LCV, before pioneering luxury cars such as the... ( подробнее )

The evolution of Porsche: new 911 vs legendary 959

I remember well the reception afforded to the Porsche 959 when it finally went into production in 1986, three years after being shown in concept form. This wasn’t just a new level for 911-based machinery nor even for Porsche itself. It was a new level, period.  

Those who drove it spoke of cruising, yes cruising, at 160mph, and the strong... ( подробнее )

The smart money: PCP deals vs used cars

No one buys new cars any more – at least not with their own money. Apparently the smart people invest their hard-earned in a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), which allows them to put a lump sum down and get the brand-new vehicle they want parked on their drive.

With a PCP it is possible to pay the resale price and keep the car at the end.... ( подробнее )

Это запрет на льду действительно воля народа?

В прошлом месяце, автомобиль опубликовала свой ответ на призыв правительства Соединенного Королевства, касающиеся общих представлений по предлагаемой 2035 запрет на продажу новых автомобилей, работающих только с помощью двигателя внутреннего сгорания (ДВС). А это, несомненно, переход, который страна должна принять как можно быстрее, плана для ее... ( подробнее )

Хорошо в теории: концепт-кары, которые не уловил

Автомобильная промышленность всегда была помешана на будущее, с производителями, постоянно пытаются прогнозировать и влиять на дизайн и технологические тренды, которые будут определять транспортные средства, принимая на строительство дорог в ближайшие годы. И эти усилия часто транслируются в мир в виде концепт-каров.

Концепция описание... ( подробнее )