BMW обновила флагманские R1250GS/R1250GS

Кoмпaния BMW oбнoвилa флaгмaнскиe турэндурo BMW R1250GS 2021 и BMW R1250GS Adventure 2021. Укaзaнныe мoдeли тeпeрь сooтвeтствуют стандарту вредного выхлопа евро5 и предлагают за глаза станет много для тех, кто именно увлекается путешествиями на мотоцикле.

Мотоциклы 2021... ( подробнее )

Wey показал близкий суровый Tank

Мaркa Wey прeдстaвилa нa Пeкинскoм aвтoшoу мoдeль Tank 300, кoтoрую пoдгoтoвили чтобы активной езды по пересечённой местности.

(то) есть информирует в пятницу, 2 октября, агентство CarNewsChina, новинка оказалась отнюдь не самостоятельной вариацией, а базовой моделью с... ( подробнее )

New Audi A3 Sportback gains 201bhp plug-in hybrid

The first plug-in hybrid version of the recently launched new Audi A3 Sportback will go on sale later this year, offering 48 miles of electric-only running.

A dramatically overhauled new A3 went on sale earlier this year with a range of mild-hybrid, petrol and diesel engines. The line-up will be joined later this year by the A3 Sportback... ( подробнее )

James Ruppert: The tried and trusted European cars you can rely on

Apart from readers telling me their experiences, the best way to gauge the reliability of any motor is by reading the actual statistics based on breakdowns.

These don’t come along too often, because satisfaction surveys are rather complex affairs. That’s why I’ve been looking at Warrantywise, which has come up with a Reliability Index using... ( подробнее )

Used car buying guide: McLaren 650S

Back in the hazy, carefree days of 2018, we revisited the McLaren MP4-12C as prices for Woking’s second-ever production supercar dropped to around half what it had cost new just seven years previously. Now, in 2020, you could pay as little as ?68,000 for a 12C, but the supercar’s dynamic shortcomings were, and remain, a blight on its reputation,... ( подробнее )

Aston Martin Vantage Roadster 2020 UK review

What is it?

Another entertaining Aston Martin arrives, then.

It was always the plan that this Vantage Roadster, a drop-roof version of Aston Martin’s most sporting car, would turn up at the same time as the DBX, its least sporting car. A spot of yin and yang, perhaps. Yes, see the SUV, but also don’t forget we still make sports... ( подробнее )

Mercedes CEO: Maybach S-Class to take brand to "the next level"

Mercedes’ is fully committed to expanding its Maybach sub-brand, CEO Ola Kallenius has confirmed, despite the broader pressures of streamlining its wider line-up and ensuring profitability in a difficult marketplace.

Maybach launched its first SUV, the GLS Maybach late last year and already offers a version of the S-Class. The new S-Class,... ( подробнее )

Analysis: Alpine likely to prosper despite Renault cutbacks

Renault’s tiny Alpine sub-brand is likely to see a significant expansion even as the French carmaker makes significant cutbacks in the wake of the global pandemic.

Despite selling just 4400 of its aluminium mid-engined A110 model in 2019, a leaked internal memo reported by Bloomberg suggests that new Renault boss Luca de Meo wants to see... ( подробнее )

Nearly-new buying guide: BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

If you make the assumption that the BMW 4 Series Gran Coup? takes all the best bits about being a BMW and all the best bits of being a hatchback and mixes it with the best bits of being a coup?, then it sounds like a recipe for a very desirable motor – and, by and large, it is.

Picture this confection as a 4 Series Coup? with two extra... ( подробнее )

Honda Civic Type R 2020 UK review

What is it?

This is the 2020 Civic Type R, meaning a subtly tweaked version of Honda’s hottest ever hot hatch. In fairness,   there wasn’t a lot wrong with the original - known as the FK8 by savvy Civic spotters - that made its debut in 2017.  

The second generation of turbocharged Type R, it did a fine job of melding spectacular... ( подробнее )